تخلیق سے سماجی بدلاؤ

We believe in the power of creativity to
empower communities

SAMAAJ (Urdu: سماج, "Society/Community") was conceived out of a passionate determination of a small group of creative individuals to create a just, inclusive and equitable society through creative mediums and approaches.

SAMAAJ began its journey as a development communication organisation in 2015 and partnered with a number of regional and international organizations on various projects, ranging from justice to sustainable development targeting a number of beneficiaries all over the country. Over time, our work expanded diversely and we’re now, a woman-led, team of creative professionals taking several important initiatives under the umbrella of SAMAAJ.

We work on various themes, particularly focusing on freedom of expression and gender equality. We at SAMAAJ, view storytelling as an important cross-cutting theme in our work rather than merely using it as a medium. Storytelling continues to be driving force behind SAMAAJ: to be able to creatively communicate untold, unheard stories for a lasting social change.



Using creative approaches


Reaching diverse communities


Empowering for a lasting impact


Sustaining the change


stories matter

We believe in the power of

Storytelling is not just an approach we use. Storytelling reflects in our work as an integral cross-cutting theme. SAMAAJ's work adjoins creative and critical thinking to harness the power of diverse perspectives and positive narratives to bring about a lasting social impact.
freedom of expression

We believe in the freedom to express ideas.

SAMAAJ defends freedom of expression to build an empathetic and inclusive society. An ability to fearlessly express creative and innovative ideas helps build inclusive environments where everyone's stories can be heard.
Gender Equality & Inclusivity

We believe in gender equality.

SAMAAJ recognises gender equality and inclusivity as a key driver in creating a just society. We work to strive for a future where all genders, regardless of socio-economic status, have the same rights and opportunities.


We are working on a number of exciting new projects, while also continuing some of our previously initiated programs.

Kahani Project

Kahani Project is the love child of the people behind it: creative writers, artists and freethinking bohemians, who believe in the good ol’ dream of a more inclusive world.

This project seeks to create a wider awareness on the issue of child sexual abuse in the country, focusing mainly on minor girls. In order to achieve its objectives, the project has produced a 2-D animation film series for public awareness and a Girls’ Sexual Abuse Prevention Manual targeted at teachers, parents and guardians. The project will also offer a number of workshops, which have been designed to educate minor girls on the crucial issue, using our animated series as educative resource material. Our professionals will use the GSAP manual to conduct 20 teacher trainings to sensitize them on the issue and effectively train them in sexual abuse prevention and coping strategies.

An independent initiative to preserve and promote Hindustani classical music in Pakistan.

Period Positive Pakistan

MFP brings together and exhibits the work of inventors, crafters, artists and tech innovators.


Out consultancy services for the non-profit sector

SAMAAJ started evolving as a development communication organisation. Over the last few years, we have partnered with numerous local & global organisations to produce cutting-edge media content, including award-winning and critically acclaimed documentaries that have been screened and broadcast throughout the world. Our campaigns and creative work has reached millions of people.

Digital Storytelling

Transmedia Campaigns

Workshops & Trainings


The Founding Directors

Sehyr Mirza

Executive Director

Ammar Aziz


We have created a great impact over the last couple of years

Our initiatives have directly impacted 50,000+ beneficiaries all across Pakistan. Our consultancy work for other non-profit organisations has won several awards and has been praised by leading international and national media outlets. More importantly, the work has positively affected over a million people in various communities, all across Pakistan.


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