‘Super Sohni’ Wins Berlinale Enablement Program Award

SAMAAJ’s ‘Super Sohni’ has been officially recognized by the Berlinale Talents of the Berlin International Film Festival, which is one of the world’s leading film festivals. The creative producer of the series, Ammar Aziz who is also a documentary film maker and poet, has been awarded the Berlinale Talents Mastercard Enablement Program 2022.

The Mastercard Enablement Program is a prestigious award presented to three Berlinale Talents alumni from around the world who have established their own organizations or initiatives that use cinema to sustainably and systematically improve gender equality, environmental protection, and social justice.

Speaking about the project, the jury that included “Joker” and “Deadpool 2” star Zazie Beetz wrote: “Having considered the details of the Girls’ Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, the clarity of their goals and immediate need to act are both very compelling. The fact that they have structured the program in a solid, cadenced way to tackle such an important issue also inspires confidence.”

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