SAMAAJ takes ‘Super Sohni’ to Schools

As a part of the Girls’ Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, SAMAAJ is now taking ‘Super Sohni’ to schools through interactive screening sessions and workshops. So far several workshops have been conducted in schools across Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Kasur. These screenings are targeted specifically at girl students and are supervised by experienced women facilitators, with […]
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 ‘Super Sohni’ Wins Berlinale Enablement Program Award

SAMAAJ’s ‘Super Sohni’ has been officially recognized by the Berlinale Talents of the Berlin International Film Festival, which is one of the world’s leading film festivals. The creative producer of the series, Ammar Aziz who is also a documentary film maker and poet, has been awarded the Berlinale Talents Mastercard Enablement Program 2022. The Mastercard […]
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SAMAAJ Conducts Fortnightly Webinars as a Part of GSAP

The team at SAMAAJ has announced that they will be conducting fortnightly webinars as a part of their Girls’ Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. Each webinar will introduce new panelists with different areas of expertise. The purpose of these sessions is to encourage an open discussion and probe all possible aspects of the issue of Child […]
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SAMAAJ Launches its 16 Days of Activism Campaign

On 25th November, SAMAAJ launched a very successful 16 Days of Activism campaign which managed to gather a massive audience across all social media platforms. As a part of this campaign, a series of posters with catchy captions were posted on Instagram and Facebook which subtly challenged the patriarchal system and raised awareness regarding the […]
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SAMAAJ Announces the Launch of ‘SUPER SOHNI’

SAMAAJ is set to release the first of its kind 2-D animated series, SUPER SOHNI which introduces a Pakistani hero, who fights against the sexual abuse of young girls. The series will be released towards the end of December. Falling under the umbrella of its parent project, the Girls Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, Super Sohni […]
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SAMAAJ Launches Girls’ Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

SAMAAJ’s has initiated Girls’ Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (GSAP) with its campaign to mark April as the month of child sexual abuse prevention. The project seeks to create a wider awareness on the issue of child sexual abuse in the country, focusing mainly on minor girls, as they constitute 70% of the victims. Please join […]
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